Loss. A word that we are all too familiar with. It’s a word that can involve a sad feeling, a broken item, or just a definition that can break us down easily. The most common loss that we face are loss of loved ones. Now when you lose somebody you love, dead or alive, it can be tough. Your heart breaks into a million of pieces and it feels like it can’t be put back together again. But let me to something, death is a celebration.

A couple of years ago my dear friend lost her father unexpectedly. This morning my great-grandfather passed away expectedly. I celebrated both deaths because they both have something in common. They both had the Lord Almighty in their hearts.

You see, when you accept Jesus into your heart you never know when the Lord will call you to His forever home. Our REAL home. It is a beautiful place called Heaven. What is awesome is that when it is our time to come home, the Lord will give us brand new and healthy spiritual bodies. He will give us new names. No more suffering in pain anymore.

Sounds pretty amazing right? Well it is.

The reminder that I place over y’all’s hearts is that we don’t decide when it is time to go up with our Lord in Heaven. Only God will make that decision. Our jobs as Christians is to spread the good news here in our “home”. So be prepared because life is an unexpected rollercoaster and there may be a time when the Lord will turn it off of the tracks. And if the Lord decides to take a loved one of your own, remember that the are not suffering anymore and partying up with Jesus forever and ever.



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