Life of a not so famous youtuber.

Youtube. A website where human beings from across the whole world can film,edit, upload, and even watch videos of all kinds. A place where the creators of these viral videos are given the name ‘youtuber’. Some eventually become famous for their work that they get paid to make cool videos.. pretty awesome right? Now as a million of us start the beginning stages of being a baby youtuber, we start off with the bad quality software and the $30 camcorder we got for a birthday or Christmas. Then we will tend to make a video that is the hottest trend online, like carpool karaoke or the whisper challenge. And in an instant when it finally makes public we hope to magically gain 1k + subscribers over night, but of course that’s overthinking the impossible.

When I first started my channel is was only for silly singing covers from videos that I filmed when I was practicing for talent shows at school, so it wasn’t anything serious. Then high school came around and the big hits started to form like Bethany Mota and O2L, and as I watched and learned from their videos I got this tiny feeling that I wanted to try this out and see what the big deal was. And out of the videos I could’ve filmed, my first ever youtube video ended up being a one direction cover with the famous pitch perfect cup beat haha. Soon I started to upload my versions of the latest trending lifestyle videos. Even though I only had five subscribers ,at the time, I still kept the commitment on uploading weekly and pretended I was talking like a famous youtuber. It sounds silly, but that’s what motivated me to keep making these videos.

Eventually as I got older and senior year came around, I discovered my love for theatre and other projects in high school, so I faded out of the youtube phase, but I still upload whenever I can because I film for the fun of it.. not for the fame. Sadly, newcomers to the youtube community become optimistic, and not in the good way. They crave for the fame that other people gain after one video, and sometimes it works but that rarely happens. Making videos shouldn’t be job that needs to get done, it needs to be a hobby that is enjoyable. Halfway through my junior year of high school, I quit filming for a while because it was stressing me out to the point where I was filming and editing the night before the upload date. During that break I discovered my love for discovering new music and bands,and that’s when my original ideas start to kick in. It’s awesome to film your own version of a popular video, but I promise you that you will get even more credit for original videos.

A few months ago the production of A Chorus Line took place at the Hollywood Bowl, and Ross Lynch was in it. If you follow my twitter, then you know my love for the band R5 is huge so when the combination of musicals and Ross Lynch happened I just went crazy. That’s when my idea for a reaction video to him in a chorus line came up. That video alone bumped up my subscribers from 65 to 109.. all because of a video that was not only entertaining, but relatable. My point to this is that youtube fame doesn’t happen over night. You have to WANT to do it and LOVE it too. Here I am four years later and I only have 109 subscribers. That may not seem a lot, but to a person that will occasionally post videos when she can, that’s impressive. If you are wanting to try out the “youtube exprience” I encourage you to do it, and see if it’s something you really want to do. Do not put yourself down when that one video doesn’t turn you into the next Austin Mahone, keep pushing because I promise your day will come. *cues Andy Grammer*